Interview Series Vol. 116: Taking Chances 2.0

Interview with Future & Dan Wildcard

There's one lesson that everyone learns in life and once you learn the lesson it will change your life. That lesson is Taking Chances. When you are out at the club and you start to get approach anxiety the only solution is to take chances. In this interview Future and Dan Wildcard let you in on the secrets and knowledge that has helped them succeed where others have failed. They cover topics to help improve your life in all aspects and help get you in the mode and give you a method to improve your dating life by taking chances.

Some of the questions answered in this interview are:

  • Why is it important to take chances?
  • What are some examples of calculated risks?
  • How can taking chances effect your personal life?
  • How can approach anxiety be cured by taking chances?
  • How has taking chances changed your approach to game?