Interview Series Vol. 113: How to Attract Girls with Your Core Identity

Interview with Nick Hoss and Vox

Identity is a key component to attracting the girls you want. Identity will show girls who you are as a person. It allows a man to display his value and gives a snapshot into his world, a very powerful way to cause attraction and solidify attraction. Also contained in this interview is a pre-recorded Q & A session with Dave, Vox, and Nick Hoss with subjects ranging from Storytelling, Dealing with Hired Guns, and much more.

Some of the questions answered on this interview are:

  • Why do we want to work on our identity?
  • How do you convey identity to girls?
  • What makes our identity strong?
  • How do you express your identity through story telling?
  • How does inner game and lifestyle feed into your core identity?
  • Does fashion play a part in your identity?
  • How important is it to work on our identity?