Interview Series Vol. 112: Early Set Calibration

Interview with Keychain, Intrigue, and Helicase

The early moments of any interaction are vitally important. It's first contact; all the variables are still unknown. Learning how to read the situation and calibrate your game in this exciting and fast-paced phase is essential. In this interview, instructors Keychain, Intrigue, and Helicase discuss techniques such as rapid escalation, same-night-lay red flags, and consistently reaching the hook point.

Some of the topics covered on this interview:

  • How to tell the differences between Green, Yellow, and Red lights
  • The different responses you can expect and what to do in these situations
  • How to use physical escalation to build attraction quickly
  • What are some red flags when dealing with same-night lays
  • Using teasing and push-pull with set calibration
  • What level of speed you should be pushing the emotional pace
  • How to calibrate to her body language
  • Using calibration in day and night game
  • What to do during the first five minutes to build attraction
  • How to use negative frames to your advantage