Interview Series Vol. 111: The 10 Commandments of Body Language

Interview with Rio and Dan Wildcard

Body Language is the universal way to attract any woman. How you display yourself through posture, movement, and touching can sway situations to move in your direction. With the 10 Commandments of Body language, Rio and Dan Wildcard teach you how body language is a necessary part of establishing attraction and dating. You will learn how to get to the point of always committing to an approach and how to escalate the conversation with more than just what you say.

Some of the topics covered on this interview:

  • How to relax and feel comfortable in a situation
  • How to stand tall and control your posture
  • Escalating attraction with touching and body language
  • What to do with your hands and eyes
  • How to use body language with logistics
  • Not coming off as predatory and being aware of your surroundings
  • How body language can help you emotionally
  • Getting to a point of always committing to an approach
  • Why you should get your mind off of body language while out at bars