Interview Series Vol. 109: Advanced Logistics

Interview with Fader and Vox

One of the key components to game are the Logistics. Without having your Logistics down, you lose the control of situations with women. Logistics can literally make or break you when it comes to getting attractive women back to your place. In this interview we cover Advanced Logistics to take control of the situations, to steer her in the right direction, and to get her back to your spot. You'll learn to deal with cock blocks, friends, living far away, same-night lays, strippers and hired guns, going out solo, and date logistics.

Some of the topics answered on this interview:

  • How to deal with cock blocks when you go out
  • How to handle your friends when talking to women
  • What kind of logistical complications come up with living far away
  • How do logistics play in with same-night lays
  • How do logistics come into play with strippers and hired guns
  • What you can do when going out solo
  • What kind of logistics can be used when out on dates