Interview Series Vol. 108: Common Game Misconceptions

Interview with Nick Savoy and Tenmagnet

There are alot of misconceptions when it comes to pickup and game. We came up with a list to deal with these misconceptions to change the stigmas associated with them, why they are misconceptions, and how to overcome them. These misconceptions range anywhere from nice guys vs. jerks, picking up in public, being manipulative, expressing identity, game only for sex, body language, you have to look good, getting caught, and much more.

Some of the topics answered on this interview:

  • As long as you be yourself, you'll meet the right girl
  • Women love assholes and don't like nice guys
  • It looks weird or embarrassing to approach in public
  • Pick up only involves using girls for sex
  • Can you get caught using game?
  • Is it miniuplative to use game?
  • Game won't work on hot girls
  • How fashion affects attraction