Interview Series Vol. 107: High Energy vs. Low Energy Game

Interview with Sterling and Future

If you’ve ever had the privilege of watching Love Systems instructors in action, you’d see that some instructors have more of a high-energy style while others find success with a more “under-the-radar” approach. However, just like with other aspects of game, calibration is key. If you’re too high-energy, you will become a “dancing monkey,” and if you’re too low-energy, you will come off as boring or socially awkward. In this interview, master instructors Future and Sterling dive deep into the high-energy vs. low-energy debate and discuss how and when they’ve managed to find success using both styles.

On this interview, the following questions will be answered:

  • What are the definitions of high-energy game and low-energy game?
  • Which particular settings would one style of game be more effective than the other?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each style of game?
  • If you’re a high-energy person by nature, would being low-energy seem artificial, or vice-versa?
  • Can you be too high-energy or too low-energy?
  • Which style of game do girls prefer?
  • Are there appropriate energy levels for different parts of the interaction?
  • How can you be high-energy without being a “dancing monkey”?
  • How can you be low-energy without coming off boring or too serious?
  • Which style of game should you use on a date?