Interview Series Vol. 104: Gym Game

Interview with Future, Boulder, and House

The gym is a great venue to approach, as gyms are often flooded with gorgeous women who live healthy lifestyles and take care of themselves physically. Plus, gyms usually have a less noisy atmosphere than a bar, which is more conducive for approaching. However, when approaching girls at the gym, there are certain rules you need to follow in order to not come off like a creep. Join Future, Boulder, and House in this routine-heavy interview as they reveal the most effective ways to approach and build attraction in a gym setting.

Some of the points covered on this interview are:

  • Reasons the gym is a good place to meet women
  • What your goal should be when meeting girls at the women
  • Difference between creepy and non-creepy gym game
  • Effective ways to approach at the gym
  • Building attraction and closing at the gym
  • Advantages of taking classes offered at the gym, i.e. spinning, yoga, Crossfit, etc.
  • The do’s and don’ts of gym game