Interview Series Vol. 103: Why Guys Give Up on Game (and How to Make Sure You're Not One of Them)

Interview with Rio and Darwin

Unfortunately, many guys will drop game entirely before reaching their goals with women. Sometimes, this is due to busy schedules, but even more often, it’s attributed to discouragement caused by unrealistic expectations. In this motivational interview, Darwin and Rio remind us of the importance of having defined goals and propose ways to stick with them so you don’t find yourself heading down that bitter path.

Some of the topics covered in this interview are:

  • The most common reasons guys give up on improving their game
  • The three types of guys who tend to quit
  • The different stages at which guys usually choose to drop out
  • The reasons to continue with game
  • The best ways to persist through the hard times
  • How to properly set goals and expectations so you don’t become discouraged
  • Examples of negative focus and positive focus