Interview Series Vol. 101: Meeting Women in Coffee Shops

Interview with Nick Savoy and Rio

Coffee shops are a great venue to meet women, as they usually have a less noisy atmosphere than a bar. Women generally find it refreshing to be approached by a man in a coffee shop rather than a bar, and also may be looking for an excuse to take a break from their tedious studies or work. Join Savoy and Rio in this routine-heavy interview as they reveal the most effective ways to approach and build attraction in a coffee shop setting.

Some of the questions answered on this interview are:

  • Is it better to go direct or indirect when approaching women in coffee shops?
  • What are some effective openers to use when approaching at a coffee shop?
  • What are the differences between meeting women in coffee shops vs. on the street or at a bar?
  • Is it against Love Systems practice to buy a girl a cup of coffee as it is to buy a girl a drink at a bar?
  • Should you stand or sit down while talking to a woman at a coffee shop?
  • How do you properly build attraction in a coffee shop setting?
  • How do you approach a girl in a coffee shop who is part of a group?
  • Is touching and physical escalation possible in a coffee shop?
  • What are some ways to bounce a woman from the coffee shop to a different location?
  • How would you properly close a woman at a coffee shop who you are unable to bounce?
  • What if the girl grabs her coffee and immediately heads out the door?