Interview Series Vol. 100: Attraction in the Daytime

Interview with Rio and Darwin

Creating attraction during the daytime can often be challenging, as you are typically working under a time constraint and many of the routines you normally use for night game are not as appropriate or effective. The silver lining is that women often tend to respect and trust men more who approach them during the daytime versus a nightclub setting, and will be more likely to answer your texts and phone calls if you manage to establish a connection. In this interview, Darwin and Rio thoroughly explain how to create strong attraction with women during the daytime, starting from the first few seconds of the approach.

Some of the key points discussed on this interview are:

  • Differences between creating attraction during the day vs. night
  • Common mistakes guys make when trying to create attraction in the daytime
  • Important qualities you need to display in order to build attraction during the daytime
  • Things you can say that will help build attraction during the daytime
  • Are looks important when it comes to daytime attraction?
  • Non-verbal things that help build attraction during daytime
  • How touching and physical escalation work during the daytime
  • Proper mindsets for attraction in the daytime
  • Other miscellaneous tips for attraction in the daytime