Interview Series Vol. 10: Text and Phone Game Fundamentals

Interview with Nick Savoy and Rio

Upon first meeting a girl, it is vital to use text and phone game to keep the emotional momentum going until you meet again. Over the past few years, texting has emerged as a more widely used method of communication for younger generations than phone calls, however, there are still certain instances when phoning a girl is more effective. On this interview, join Love Systems Founder and President Savoy, along with veteran instructor Rio, as they discuss the basic guidelines of text and phone game and reveal strategies that will guarantee a second meetup.

Some of the questions answered on this interview are:

  • What is the overall goal of text and phone game?
  • How long should you wait before sending the first text?
  • What are the differences between text and phone game and when is it better to call instead of text?
  • What are guidelines on how to properly use text and phone game?
  • How do you maintain the emotional momentum via text and phone game?
  • What are common mistakes guys make with text and phone game?
  • What if she doesn’t text/call you back?
  • What are examples of powerful and effective texts to send?
  • What are the differences in text and phone game strategies for girls you briefly met vs. girls who already really like you?