Interview Series Vol. 1: Meeting and Approaching Women

Interview with Tenmagnet, Future, Rio, and Big Business

To celebrate the 100th edition of The Interview Series, we’re going back to the basics and revisiting the same topic we covered on the very first volume… Approaching. Why? Well, while the core principles of approaching haven’t changed much, game has evolved over the past 8 years. Some openers aren’t as effective as they were then, and many Love Systems instructors have recently been teaching a more direct approach. Join master instructors Tenmagnet, Future, Big Business and Rio on this interview as they discuss the evolution of approaching and share vital tips for successful approaching, along with their current favorite openers.


Some of the key points discussed on this interview are:

  • Why approaching is important
  • Healthy vs. unhealthy mindsets when approaching
  • Different types of openers and examples of each
  • Direct vs. indirect approaches
  • Non-verbal elements of the approach
  • Common mistakes guys make when approaching