Interview Series Bundle Pack X

If you are a new subscriber and want to catch up on past Interview Series volumes, our Bundle Packs are perfect for you! This is a great way to catch up on some crucial information and routines to fast track your success with women. None of this information will be repeated in future volumes of Interview Series!

Some of these volumes have information from great instructors who have since left the community and teaching; this is the only place where you can get their routines and wisdom to succeed with beautiful women tonight!

These are available only via instant download, so you can start plugging this material directly into your brain right away.

The Interview Series Bundle Pack 10 includes Volumes 91-100 for a deeply discounted price:

91. Intent (Rio and Darwin)
Contrary to what you may think, you usually don't score any points by hiding your intent when you approach a girl. Even if you are using a more indirect style of game, you generally have a short window to express your sexual interest in her before she makes the assumption you simply want to be friends or writes you off as a coward. On the flip-side, if you hit on girls who you aren't truly attracted to, they more often than not, will sense your insincerity. On this insightful interview, join instructors Darwin and Rio as they stress the importance of making your intent clear in order to maximize your time in the field and form a clearer path toward your true goals with women. 

92. Game For the Analytical Mind (Rio and Darwin)
Your mind can potentially be your worst enemy when it comes to game, as over analyzing is generally counterproductive and can lead to discouragement. Very often, students will spend way too much time analyzing the previous interaction instead of moving on to new ones. A man with a super-analytical mind also tends to erroneously believe that certain factors or circumstances in a social environment had direct effects on his romantic interactions taking place, when they were completely irrelevant. On this interview, join instructors Rio and Darwin (who both happen to have careers as scientists outside of Love Systems) as they discuss their struggles with their own analytical minds and how they learned to stop letting that part of their brains take over. 

93. Effective Strategies to Achieving Your Goals with Women (Labyrinth and Tenmagnet)
The most effective way to learn game or anything else is to map out your goals, both short-term and long-term, and set realistic practice schedules and expectations for yourself. If you are unfocused or unrealistic, it will usually result in dissatisfaction, discouragement or sometimes quitting game altogether. Join instructors Darwin and Ryan Francis as they teach proper goal-setting and reveal the secrets to learning and practicing game in the most efficient way possible in order to ultimately achieve your goals with women. 

94. How you Look: The Controllables and Uncontrollables (Boulder and Zach)
Having a positive outer-image of yourself is key when it comes to building attraction with women through confident body language and other forms of non-verbal communication. Similarly, the way you groom and dress yourself is a signal to women about the way you feel about yourself. However, when it comes to your appearance, there are only certain variables you will be able to control and improve. On this interview, join instructors Zach and Boulder as they give valuable advice as it relates to becoming the most physically attractive version of yourself as possible. 

95. Daytime Dates (Nick Hoss and Darwin)
There are many advantages to taking a girl on a date during the daytime as opposed to nighttime. It’s a good way to find out if a particular girl fits in well with your lifestyle and hobbies, and unlike with a dinner and drinks date, you don’t have to rely as much on conversation for the date to be successful. However, if you typically only set up nighttime dates, you will have to learn to make certain adjustments in your approach for daytime dates. On this interview, join Day Game gurus Nick Hoss and Darwin as they share all the secrets for successfully planning and executing a daytime date. 

96. Hired Gun Game - Waitresses, Bottle Service Girls, and Shot Girls (Braddock and Fader)
On this second installment of the “Hired Gun Game Series,” we pick up where we left off with Braddock and Fader as they teach you how to apply their Hired Gun Game principles and routines to the pursuit of waitresses, bottle service girls, and shot girls - very often (especially in Vegas), some of the most stunningly beautiful women you will ever have the opportunity to meet. Just as with other types of Hired Guns, waitresses, bottle service girls, and shot girls are girls who are paid to be nice to you, and are typically hired based on their good looks. On this interview, join Braddock, Fader and Vici as they teach you how to separate yourself from the dozens of other customers and make the most of these interactions. 

97. Fitness (Future, Intrigue, and Bravado)
Few will dispute that confidence is the most attractive male trait to a woman. One of the best ways to improve your confidence is to get into good physical shape. Not only will it improve your game by helping you make a better impression in the first few seconds of your interactions, but it will raise your testosterone level and add years to your life as well. On this interview, join fitness experts Future, Intrigue and Bravado as they discuss all the benefits of getting into good physical shape and the positive effect it has had on their game. 

98. The Holistic Approach to Game (Future, Venture, and Sterling)
Our mission at Love Systems is to help guys become the best possible versions of themselves. However, becoming your best self doesn’t only consist of saying all the right things, having strong body language and knowing how to physically escalate. On this interview, join master instructor Future as well as Venture and Sterling, as they discuss the other components involved in being an attractive man which are commonly neglected.

99. Handling Rejection (Keychain and Labyrinth)
No one is 100% rejection-proof. Even the top PUA’s in the world occasionally face rejection. It’s how you handle rejection that will determine the degree of success you will experience. Join veteran instructors Keychain and Labyrinth as they share their own personal experiences with rejection and remind us that there are always many more reasons to approach than to not approach.

100. Attraction in the Daytime (Rio and Darwin)

Creating attraction during the daytime can often be challenging, as you are typically working under a time constraint and many of the routines you normally use for night game are not as appropriate or effective. The silver lining is women often tend to respect and trust men more who approach them during the daytime versus a nightclub setting, and will be more likely to answer your texts and phone calls if you manage to establish a connection. On this interview, join instructors Darwin and Rio as they thoroughly explain how to create strong attraction with women during the daytime, starting from the first few seconds of the approach.