Zak Ellis - Love Systems Instructor

One winter Zak decided to make a change and lost 200 pounds. He quickly found himself into a great social circle that was giving him women, everything seemed great! But it didn’t last long as his wingmen ended up into serious relationships and he was left to fend for himself.

One night after leaving the bar alone he decided he would try online dating. Googling how to create a good online profile he stumbled across Love Systems and found out Derek Cajun was coming to Australia and quickly realized that this was a once in a lifetime chance for him.

He booked it on his credit card and that three day weekend was the start of a new life. He met his best friend on that Bootcamp and soon found himself a new social circle, a like-minded group of guys who were going out and working on their different sticking points. Approaching, taking on big groups and going home with multiple women were just some of the results from their nights out.

In 2016 Zak moved to Toronto and found an opportunity to work with Love Systems and continued his training under Derek Cajun and is now a full time instructor!