Zach found Love Systems after reading The Game. However, his life wouldn't change until years later when he was selected as a participant on Project Rockstar. Under Venture's mentorship Zach's eyes opened to a way of embracing his own masculinity and intentions with women, which naturally evolved into more meaningful relationships with family, friends and business colleagues.

Zach grew up with a loving family but from an early age it was instilled in him that you should never force a woman to do something she doesn't want to do – probably the effect of having a well-meaning but stern lawyer for a father. Over the years this evolved into a fear of both approaching women and even worse demonstrating his desire for these women to whom he was attracted. As you'd expect, Zach had many female friends but was unable to choose the women he dated.

Although he found himself in great physical shape and had a highly sought after job on Wall Street, Zach still had a life plagued by pain and frustration as he struggled to connect with women intimately. This reached a breaking point when he left his job and, to the shock of his friends and family, enrolled in Project Rockstar to address the areas of his life he felt most lacking – notably his communication skills with women.

During this transformation process, Zach began to redefine his purpose in life. Whereas he once pursued opportunities that looked good on paper – from jobs to degrees to relationships – he learned to identify his passions in life and make those the purpose of his life. Rather than continuing to live a hollow life without inner satiation, he went after the goals that would make him feel more complete as a person.

Ultimately this led him back to Love Systems, first as a mentor and then brought on as a Certified Instructor. He realized how important it was to help others who struggled with the same feelings of being lost not only with women but in other areas of their lives too. And he understood that by making his transformation in a mere twelve months – both in relationships and in starting a new business – he could help others to become the men they sought to be.

Zach now lives with another instructor, Intrigue, who also played a massive role in his development as a person. Together or individually they offer 1-on-1s, phone consultations, or specialized training for the right people – people of action. They specialize in helping men to become their most attractive selves so that ultimately the role of choosing a partner will be an active one. Feel free to contact him directly with any further questions: