Whitelist - Yandex


  1. Click on the spam folder on the left hand side of your mailbox
  2. Click on the selection box to the left of the message you wish to keep. After selecting, click the 'Not Spam' button above the message list


  1. Click on the 'Settings' icon, and then select 'Message Filtering'
  2. Select 'Create Filter'
  3. Set the first box to 'From'
  4. Click on the second box and select 'Contains'
  5. Type '@lovesystems.com' into the third box on the right
  6. Under the 'Take the Following Action' heading, check the box next to 'Move to Folder'
  7. Click the box to the right and select 'New Folder'
  8. Name the new folder 'Love Systems' and click 'Create Folder'
  9. When finished, click 'Create Filter'
  10. Your new filter will now be visible in the filters list