Vybe - Love Systems Instructor

Hailing from Australia with an Indian background, Vybe is your typically average skinny, fun guy who had a lot of friends growing up but rarely a girlfriend. While still living with his parents and with sparse funds in a small town, he started off with some significant disadvantages. He felt trapped as if it was simply not possible to be with the women he truly desired, rather than whoever just fell into his lap.

After experiencing numerous bouts of severe frustration, Vybe eventually sought to tackle his dating life head on. Like many instructors before him, he ended up taking a bootcamp and ever since then Vybe’s life has changed dramatically.


“My bootcamp experience opened my mind to things I didn’t think were possible, and so thereafter I was on a personal mission of self-development. Ever since that point, I’ve focused on understanding the foundational and contextual principles, psychology, body language and voice tonality, conversational ability and most importantly, having fun while enjoying the entirety of the process, growth and adventure.” – Vybe

Today, Vybe travels the world teaching clients, working on business projects and having amazing adventures, yet Vybe always remembers and is actually quite grateful for starting in the difficult place he did. Coming from these humble beginnings fuelled his drive to keep striving and go further in his quest. Although it was difficult at first, Vybe has proven that with enough concentrated effort and the right guidance, almost any results can be achieved. Starting from such a place also allows Vybe to teach from an empathetic and encouraging standpoint, yet he isn’t afraid to give a good arse kicking if called for.

All the conventionally regarded attractive qualities, lifestyle, physique, wealth, etc. certainly help with high quality women. Yet by embracing your core masculinity while improving yourself and your skillset enough, you can have amazing encounters and connections with women of astonishing beauty and character, without needing to rely on such conventional qualities. Then by further enhancing all the areas of your life, your results, consistency and life will transform to become infinitely greater.” – Vybe

‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’ - Vybe has studied and partied with some of the best in the field. As an instructor he takes the approach of ‘adapting what is useful, rejecting what is useless, and adding what is specifically your own’ – a core life philosophy he’s borrowed from Jeet Kune Do. Whether it is during the day, at night, a bar, a club or within certain social circles (even college), Vybe can teach you how to take your dating life to the next level.

Rather than teaching from the standpoint of quick tips and tricks, although there will be plenty, I believe that the best level of teaching focuses more on developing long-term authenticity and expressing oneself from a place of intrinsic self-worth. So the essence of what I do is to help a client embrace their own core masculinity and help build their self-confidence, while also developing their skills and the ability to genuinely express themselves in an attractive manner. This is then reinforced by getting out in the real world and gaining some experience. This experience leads to results, which then further builds their confidence, skill and ability, which we again adapt and apply in the real world. With persistence, this cycle continues to build on, refine and reinforce itself, even long after the initial instruction, as these traits essentially become an ingrained part of the client’s newfound ‘best-self’.” – Vybe

If you feel like you deserve more than you have now in this area of your life and are seriously willing to put in the effort, then I cannot think of a better way to start getting more control over it then by taking action, learning from and gaining experience with someone who’s been where you are and who knows how to help push you on this journey while shortcutting your learning curve in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

Feel free to contact Vybe for any further questions you may have - vybe@lovesystems.com