Vici - Love Systems Instructor

Vici spent his childhood growing up in the “background.” He was the “nice guy” in his class, never made waves or took risks, and consequently was hardly noticed by his peers. Academically he was an overachiever though, so Vici focused on his studies and put his social life on pause. Like many guys, he assumed hard work in school and the attainment of a respectable career would eventually lead to the contentment and fulfillment he knew was missing in his life. In truth, Vici kept achieving, yet he never really got much happier.

Old habits die hard, and as Vici began growing up his lifestyle of self-isolation followed him to college where he quickly grew to hate the bar scene and resent those who enjoyed weekends full of parties and hot girls. Without any skills to attract the women he actually wanted, Vici fell into a relationship with the first mildly attractive girl who showed interest in him. With few options and the deep belief that it was unlikely he could ever do better, Vici quickly developed feelings of neediness for his newfound girlfriend.

Over time his girlfriend began to sense this. Vici would bend over backwards for her and do everything he could to try to make her happy. The relationship was skewed in her favor and became predictable and uninteresting. Unsurprisingly, after a few short months she dumped him and Vici plummeted into a downward spiral. His grades began to suffer and what little social life he had all but evaporated. After half a year of depression, a point came when Vici realized he had to change how he chose to live his life. It was then that he found Love Systems and made a promise to himself to do everything necessary to change.

Upon taking his first bootcamp with Samurai and Braddock, Vici went through an amazing transformation and over the next six months went from a depressed and isolated guy to a man full of path and purpose. During his last semester of college Vici took full advantage of the party scene not only to enhance his skills, but also to become the guy he once envied.

It was shortly after graduation that Vici realized he wanted to give back and help those who wanted to get more out of life. Since then, Vici has been invited onto bootcamps with some of Love Systems’ best instructors including Braddock, Samurai, Soul, Future, and Big Business and is regularly sought out by students for his amazing in-field support. Vici is known among students as the “guy always having the most fun in the bar,” something he has strived hard to become.

In 2011, Vici was invited to teach on Project Rockstar and assisted on the first ever 10-day bootcamp in Stockholm. Now living with Sterling and Venture in New York, Vici is developing new methods of teaching and expanding his own game.

Having reached rock-bottom in the past and seeing the amazing transformation he was able to go through, Vici knows that it is possible for every student to change himself and his life into what he envisions. As an instructor, Vici focuses not only on improving students’ skills with women, but on shaping a path to improve all aspects of their lives.