His Journey

Vercetti’s early experience with women was pitiful. After finally breaking up from a 3 year relationship in which he was cheated on constantly, he was cast out into the wilderness of the dating world clueless and lonely.

"I was desperate, man! I didn’t understand women and I had NEVER done a cold approach in my life! The thought of approaching a woman I didn’t know would send my heart racing and cause my bald head to sweat and shine. It was a nightmare back then."

It was a chance encounter with a mentor that led to Vercetti discovering the community and embarking on a journey deep into the inner circle of the “Game” to work with those revered as the Superstars of the Pick-Up and Seduction world.

"Conrad shattered my sense of reality and showed me what was truly possible with women! I can honestly say that I’d still be lonely, broke and living with my mum if he didn’t pass his secrets on to me."

His transformation from being the shy, timid and passive boy who got cheated on to being the powerful, dominant alpha male with unlimited choice with beautiful women is one he prides himself on being able to reproduce in every guy that he works with.

"EVERY guy has what I like to call an 'Inner Pimp,' the part of him that is assertive, charismatic, goes for what he wants and can ultimately have astronomical success with women. If there’s one thing I’m really good at, it’s spotting that in someone, no matter what pain he’s coming from, then working with him to show him what is really possible with women, helping him to embrace what is already attractive about himself and then showing him epic new ways of interacting that get him results he never thought possible... all in just 3 days!"


Daniel Vercetti is one of the most internationally sought-after coaches in the Dating Science industry today since being Voted the #1 Love Systems Instructor 2010 by our clients.

He is the epitome of the “new breed” of Dating Coaches with a focus on holistic dating training which positively impacts all the areas of your life in addition to massive success with women.

Vercetti is the only Dating Coach professionally trained as an actor which has lead to him being hailed by his peers and students as the undisputed master of Body Language - the most important skill that you’ll need for consistent success with women.

In 2010 he produced and starred in the hit product Beyond Words: Body Language Home Study Course which flew off our shelves and sold out the first printing within the initial week of launching.

Vercetti is also a founding Instructor in the international dating industry's premier lifestyle and pick up program: Project Rockstar and features as one of the main characters in the unofficial sequel to "The Game" - "Myths and Masters of the Game."