Venture - Love Systems Instructor

Having spent his 20s building a successful company, expanding his horizons working with self help giants such as Anthony Robbins, and finding himself in a long term relationship developed through his social circle, Venture’s life seemed pretty much normal and on track. Shortly after turning 30, the world that he had built for himself came crashing down in one sudden blow. His love life came to a staggering and gut-wrenching halt, his social circle crumbled with it, and it almost brought about the collapse of everything he had worked towards since starting out in business 12 years earlier. After the initial shock of losing almost everything, Venture affirmed a commitment held since childhood to making the very best of any situation. In his quest to reinvent his life and change his path, he was introduced to the bestselling book Magic Bullets by a friend and from there came across Love Systems and the European instructors Samurai, Vercetti, and Jeremy Soul.

With relentless and deliberate perseverance Venture applied the teachings of his mentors at Love Systems. Countless rejections and moments of insight later, Venture mastered the art of cold approach. After 7 months, his determination and internalization of the Love Systems Triad Model had paid dividends. From picking up one of Sweden’s most beautiful and famous socialites to having random encounters on airplanes and threesomes in jacuzzis, Venture’s love life had been transformed. Coming from a position of abject loneliness to dating some of the hottest women in Europe, it was an incredible transformation and Venture was asked to join the Love Systems team.

As a living embodiment that anyone, regardless of age or situation, can master the social dynamics that empower men from all walks of life to have complete freedom of choice in their dating life, Venture has fully embraced the opportunity to pass on his skills to others with tremendous passion and empathy.