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Tenmagnet (AKA: Chris Shepherd) is one of Love Systems’ top instructors and was an original member of the “Secret Underground Society of Pickup Artists” described by Neil Strauss in his famous book The Game. Today, Chris is a Master Instructor with Love Systems, and has coached some of the top guys in the business including Cajun, Braddock, DaHunter and Biskit. He is well regarded for his emphasis on natural game in his seminars, and is an expert on teaching men how to improve their success with women through personal growth, changing attitudes, building conversational skills and better understanding of where women are coming from. But despite being an expert in natural game, he was not always successful with women.

Growing up in a small town, Chris never really felt comfortable talking to strangers. In high school, he was a bit of an outcast.  He recalls, “At 16 years old I had an afro, read the New Yorker, and had memorized every Monty Python skit ever written.  I was a communist, I liked Lou Reed and I hated sports. I thought I was pretty cool, but growing up in a small town, people kind of think you’re a freak.”

After moving to Toronto for university, things got better. “Finally I met people who appreciated the same things I did, but it was still hard.  I felt isolated in the big city. I didn’t know many people and I didn’t know how to talk to strangers or how to make friends on the fly. All my life I had hung around with pretty much the same group of people I had been introduced to through school. The big city was scary and I was envious of my sophisticated friends who had grown up in the city and could just chat with people and relate so easily. I decided I was going to learn how to do what they do.”

Eventually, Tenmagnet started to change his attitudes and beliefs and cultivated an outgoing and chatty personality. But, there was still a problem: women. “I learned how to make friends and talk to girls, but I couldn’t for the life of me get them attracted. At 21, I had had ONE girlfriend. I had gotten ‘let’s just be friends’ from probably fifteen women in a row. My new hot female friends would call me regularly and complain about the guys they were dating. I was in love with a girl whose boyfriend was a high-school dropout and sold dope out of his parents’ garage. I met this guy and he wasn’t even good looking or charming. I couldn’t understand how this guy could be such a total idiot and a loser and she still liked him more than me. I was completely baffled.”

Confused, Chris tried something weird. “I think I typed ‘Why do women like assholes?’ into Ask Jeeves, one of those search engines they had in the early 2000s before Google put everyone out of business.” A website popped up. “Love Systems hadn’t been invented yet, but this site was the same deal. A bunch of guys going out and practicing pickup techniques, reporting back, and giving one another advice. I started to read everything I could, and I began to understand why women liked strong men, men with confidence, men who go after what they want in life. I suddenly understood what I was doing wrong, and how my perspective needed to change.”

Eventually, Tenmagnet started meeting up with guys who shared his interest in studying dating, pick up and relationships – and the science that would eventually become Love Systems - and wound up winging regularly with Mystery, Tyler Durden (TD), Extramask, Toecutter and many of the characters who would eventually be immortalized in Neil Strauss’ book The Game.

Tenmagnet went out with guys from this “Toronto crew” a couple of times a week, but after several months his wingmen left for Project Hollywood while he stayed in Toronto to finish his undergraduate degree. But Tenmagnet continued to develop his skills (in between girlfriends), and helped out on numerous bootcamps for a number of companies before becoming an instructor with Love Systems (just after the release of The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed) in 2006.

Since 2006, Chris Shepherd has helped thousands of men improve their success with women, and he has been especially influential in developing the particular teaching styles and philosophies that have helped Love Systems become what it is today.  His own personal history as someone who has gone from being lousy with women to cultivating strong, natural game is an inspiration for many of his students.

As one of our most well-respected instructors, his seminars are consistently in high demand, and often sell out weeks beforehand, so make sure to check the schedule below to see if he is coming to your area.

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