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The Wait is Almost Over

One of Love Systems' most powerful seminars – Social Circle Mastery – has been improved, expanded, and now packaged into a Study Course you can learn from in the privacy of your own home.

Social Circle Mastery includes many things:

  • How to attract beautiful women without ever going to a nightclub or approaching a stranger
  • How to break into any social group
  • How to become the “Alpha Male” of any group – social, work, academic, etc.
  • How to turn female “friends” into “friends with benefits” or girlfriends
  • How to develop an entourage that will make you seem ten feet tall when you meet women at bars and clubs
  • How to deal with other guys who try to mess up your game (even “friends”)
  • How to get your ex-girlfriend back
  • How to date more than one woman in a social circle
  • How to live a VIP lifestyle without being rich
  • And lots more...

The seminar was developed by one of our most popular dating coaches: Braddock. It ran for three years, cost $1,200, and was offered almost exclusively in their home cities of London and Los Angeles respectively. Guys flew in from around the world to learn these powerful techniques, and even with Love Systems' no questions money-back guarantee, no one in three years ever asked for a refund.

(That's unheard of, by the way. Out of every 1,000 guys, there's always one shit-disturber.)

Since not everyone can fly around the world to go to seminars, we've been swamped with requests – even an online petition – to record the seminar and release it on DVD.

But, we didn't want to just do that. For a seminar we have to cram everything into one day. For a Home Study Course, we can give you stuff you'll keep coming back to, over and over. So, not only are you getting all of the exclusive seminar footage that guys paid $1,200 and traveled thousands of miles to get, but you're also getting bonus books, on-screen support, audio, and more – all to make this the ultimate program guaranteed to change your life.

And it's coming on Thursday, January 20th.


For more information on Braddock, check out his bio pages.

The last produced course Beyond Words: The Secret of Body Language and Physical Escalation sold out within hours and it was a few months before we were able to get more copies. To avoid this happening to you, we're making a priority pre-order list – submit your information below and you'll get an exclusive early look at Social Circle Mastery and a chance to reserve your copy before the launch:

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Keep checking this page until Thursday, January 20th – we're hoping to add video clips from the course and other details as we get closer to the release date!