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Below is a list of all Love Systems Master Instructors and Love Systems Certified Instructors, the top two levels of Love Systems Instructor and the men who will normally be in charge of your training. Click any instructor’s name to see his full biography, videos, writings, blog, schedule, etc.

Jason Lemonjacket

Jason Lemonjacket is a testament to perseverance. He practiced for a handful of years, following his bootcamp, with marginal success. Yet, sure enough, he stuck to the process and he too figured it out. Eventually, he sharpened his skills and developed his own style. But, because Lemonjacket was so slow to learn game, he now has a plethora of knowledge on the subject and can get guys past the ups and downs of practicing that he went through while learning.

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Joe Intrigue

Since Joe Intrigue started at such a low point and had to overcome so many crippling beliefs, he knows that anyone can be successful with women. He teaches with the same passion that he used to change his life. Intrigue has an extremely deep knowledge of theory and a wealth of field experience that give him a unique perspective as an instructor. There hasn’t been a sticking point he hasn’t dealt with and conquered himself. Intrigue now dates the beautiful women he deserves, and teaches men how to do the same in a fraction of the time.

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Labyrinth is able to share his wealth of knowledge from a practical sense, so anyone can learn from him and apply it straight away. Outside Love Systems Labyrinth holds a first class university degree in computing and has won an award for business entrepreneurship by the BC's Dragons Den. He is also an ex-professional Basketball player and an Enterprise Architect for a financial firm in the City of London. So, are you going to settle for the girls that are not worth you, or are you going to go for the girl(s) that you really want?

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Zak Ellis

One winter Zak decided to make a change and lost 200 pounds. He quickly found himself in a great social circle that was giving him women, everything seemed great! But it didn’t last long as his wingmen ended up into serious relationships and he was left to fend for himself. One night he decided he would try online dating. Googling how to create a good online profile he stumbled across Love Systems and found out Derek Cajun was coming to Australia and quickly realized that this was a once in a lifetime chance for him. He booked it on his credit card and that three day weekend was the start of a new life. In 2016 Zak moved to Toronto and found an opportunity to work with Love Systems and continued his training under Derek Cajun and is now a full time instructor!

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Helicase's dedication to Love Systems and ability to pinpoint and break down any student's sticking point instantly make him a great instructor.  He is also deeply passionate about helping others overcome the same lonely frustrations he outwitted through Love Systems.

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Sterling is the definition of "learned game" and can relate to almost all issues that students tend to have. Employing a growth mindset, he is always in a perpetual state of self-improvement and recognizes the importance of being able to help those who are in a place that he once was.

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