Super Camp

Night Game and Day Game in One Bootcamp

This is the first Love Systems Bootcamp to combine NIGHT GAME and DAY GAME. By the end of this program, you will have the skills to approach any woman in ANY SITUATION. We will save you time and money with this one-weekend experience.

This program will have you controlling your approach anxiety after approaching women in a variety of situations. Learn the theories behind a successful approach so that you no longer have to wonder why an interaction didn't go well.

You'll receive 16 hours of in-field practice in addition to intensive in-class work. Subjects include (but are not limited to):

  • Friday: 2pm-7pm Seminar / Practice, 10pm-2am Night Game In-field
  • Friday Afternoon:
    • Inner Game to build a foundation for success
    • Night Game Opening and #1 Love Systems Openers
    • How to get instant attraction
    • Conversation and Storytelling Exercises to improve your stories

    Friday Night:

    • See Live In-field Night Club Demos from  Love Systems Instructors
    • Night Game In-field Training

  • Saturday: 12pm-2pm Lunch & Debrief, 2pm-6pm Day Game In-field, 10pm-2am Night Game In-field
  • Saturday Mid-Day:
    • Friday Night Breakdown and Personal Analysis
    • Day Game Opening, Transitioning, and Attraction
    • How you can form Emotional Connections
    • How to get Phone Numbers

    Saturday Afternoon:

    • See Live In-field Day Game Demos from Love Systems Instructors
    • Day Game In-field Training

    Saturday Night:

    • See live In-field Night Club demos from Love Systems Instructors
    • Night Game In-field Training

  • Sunday: 12pm-2pm Lunch & Debrief, 2pm-6pm Day Game In-field
  • Sunday Afternoon:
    • Saturday Night Breakdown and Personal Analysis
    • Learn Phone and Text Game and receive top Love Systems text messages
    • Understand Relationship Management
    • How to connect with girls you already know through Social Circle Mastery