Sterling - Love Systems Instructor

Growing up, Sterling was always a motivated overachiever by nature. By his early twenties he had graduated from a top university, had a great group of confident, social friends, and was working at one of the world’s leading investment banks. However, while life was seemingly firing on all cylinders, Sterling was not happy. Deep down, he knew his ability to be with the women he truly wanted was severely lacking.

After a particularly tough night of wandering the Las Vegas strip at 4am, cold and miserable, Sterling knew something had to change. He was tired of living a life inhibited by fear and knew there was so much more to be had. Over the course of the next few months, Sterling attended his first bootcamp and accepted a full-time internship with Love Systems. As an intern, Sterling was quickly recognized for his teaching ability and was brought under the mentorship of Braddock, Samurai, Future, and Jeremy Soul.

Later that year, Sterling became one of the youngest members of the Love Systems instructor team. The following summer, Sterling was invited by Venture to lead Project Rockstar, a revolutionary 9-week program designed to fully transform the lives of men in the areas of Game, Lifestyle, and Fitness.  

During Project Rockstar, Venture and Sterling set out to create a curriculum based on their take of what it meant to be naturally attractive. From this, their curriculum Simplified Natural (formerly “Game 3.0”) was born. Simplified Natural is based on the idea that men can develop lasting attractiveness from within, and that becoming a truly desirable man is a byproduct of building a life that is fueled by passion and defined by masculinity.

With the Simplified Natural curriculum as a basis, Venture and Sterling created the Love Systems 10-day bootcamp, which has received universal critical acclaim. 

Venture and Sterling continue to teach their Simplified Natural curriculum on their 10-day bootcamps. Simplified Natural is also taught to the lucky few who are selected for each summer’s Project Rockstar.