Status was the quintessential late bloomer. While most guys were discovering girls in their teens and enjoying ample success with women in their twenties, Status spent his formative years in a suspended state of isolation. On the one hand, he was part jock, and on the other he was equal part intellectual, reveling in all types of computer projects and isolated reading. Mistakenly thinking societal norms held the answers to dating success, Status set a frantic pace achieving the perfect physique, a lucrative business, and all the material lures.

And while a combination of brains and brawn looked great on paper, it translated to almost zero success. Girls came into his life either through random chance encounters or the inevitable coupling of the girl choosing him.

Limited options led Status to a mindset of extreme scarcity, obsessively and desperately clinging onto any girl he managed to find and thinking another opportunity would never come along again.

How wrong he was.

After years of stumbling through the darkness in anguish, Status discovered Love Systems and finally understood that success with women was a learnable skill set. He began to see that his problems were not personal but global to most men regardless of their looks or material possessions.

With the new tactical and mental tools at his disposal Status started going out with a new mindset and for the first time in his dating life realized what once was a source of endless frustration was now within his grasp. Determined to achieve mastery, Status gobbled up every last portion of Love Systems material, attending bootcamps and seminars, and ultimately participating in the Legendary Rockstar program.

Status knows how difficult social integration and success with women can be. Status’s strengths and experience now give him the ability to work with men of all ages and backgrounds.