All through high school Sphinx enjoyed little success with women, perpetually landing himself in the "Friend Zone." What little success he did have mostly came through luck and his social circle.

With aspirations of travel and serving his country as his father had done, Sphinx joined the Navy (Special Operations). When he found time to go out, he noticed that his experience handling high-stress life-and-death situations did not translate into approaching women. The man who was afraid of nothing was afraid to approach and petrified of rejection.

Nor, disappointingly, did his status as one of the military's elite help very much when he did find himself in conversation with beautiful women. Despite wanting to be "that guy" with beautiful women as a constant part of his life, he set his sights on simply getting a quality girlfriend, but still ended up time and time again in the same old "Friend Zone"...

...until he was introduced to Love Systems by his best friend. Sphinx quickly dove into the world of pickup and dating science. His game skyrocketed as he honed his skills by surrounding himself and hitting the clubs with several other instructors.

Now living in Chicago and dating and seducing women with ease, Sphinx has turned his attention to teaching others the Love Systems method. His exquisite ability to identify and iron out students' sticking points as well as amazingly demonstrate the material in the field has won him great rapport and praise from his students as well as his fellow instructors.