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Sterling is one of the best teachers I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. Venture I learn a lot from watching him in set. Really strong sub-coms. I feel like they have taken all the best bits of game and synthesized it down into an easier more manageable and learn able formula. They have gotten rid of some of the old shit that didn’t work too well and kept only the gold plus added in new shit that works even better. Its all about behaving like a real man and this sparks way more attraction from women than any routine ever can. When you show up as a man the girl can behave like a women, Its fucking magic when this happens, I have only experienced it since learning game 3.0.

Since learning game 3.0 I feel like girls re actions have changed towards me fundamentally. Girls have been thanking me for behaving like a man. Not hiding my intentions, telling them what I want and not beating around the bush. Also for taking the lead and being decisive. I have learnt some things about women and how to create attraction that have totally rocked my world and I never knew were possible. I feel like it has opened up a whole new world to me and the possibilities are endless now.

Since learning game and especially game 3.0 it has helped me to overcome a lot of negative beliefs about women and what it means to be a man, also that it is normal and totally natural to be a sexual guy and there is nothing in the world wrong with it, even though many people will try to tell you there is! Cant recommend Game 3.0 enough, its man game not cheesy gimmicks and routines. Fix the cause of the problem not the effect because you cant get away with using routines all the time, Become a real man and you wont need to memorize 1000s of routines, plus you can be yourself and not be fake.

James T

Game 3.0 spearheaded by Venture and Sterling has had an incredible impact on my life. Before I was introduced to this I was often using routines and opinion openers and it felt kind of strange to me. I know it works for some people but for me it didn’t quite jive. It was nice in the sense that I knew what to say but it didn’t feel natural and in a strange way it made me feel less of a man. One thing that is always taught in game is that its important to come up with your own lines, routines…etc. Game 3.0 teaches you how to tease, how to inject passion and how to have fun with the interaction in order that you can be more natural instead of using canned lines.

This style of game is predicated on what it means to be a man. It’s being able to let your raw masculinity shine through and letting women know that you want them but don’t need them. One of the key components of Game 3.0 is the focus on physical escalation and sexualization. This was a key component missing from my game previously. It’s amazing how fast you can ramp things up sexually just by using touch and using your physical presence. Before hand I had a hard time creating a genuine connection with women but this style of game hooks hard. I’ve seen on numerous occasions people pull girls within 5-10 minutes because they hooked a girl hard and were straightforward and unapologetic about their intentions.

I would highly recommend everyone to learn about Game 3.0 because it’s revolutionized game. It’s been making a real splash in the pick up world — simply put, it’s awesome, easier to learn, feels natural, and makes so much sense.

Aryeh J

Game 3.0 saved my life!

A few months ago I saw my life very differently then I see it today. 
 My game plan was to continue working in my field which I absolutely despise for the next 30 years and then hopefully retire. I was so close to this reality and was on the verge of watching years go by in the blink of an eye.

That was before I found this program!

Now I feel as though my entire world has opened up and I can do anything! I’m 30 years old and feel as though I am now able to finally start living my life. When I was accepted into the program I literally felt as though I had won the lottery! And in many ways I had.

Venture, Sterling, Vici and all of the other coaches that put they’re heart and soul into this program have created something unlike anything else on the face of the planet!

I came here very much a broken man. My self confidence and social calibration was so awful that I used to get nervous and start sweating by simply standing in line at the bank. After only a month of being here I now have this fire burning inside of me that drives me to be the man I was always supposed to be. I have successfully pulled a stripper and just this morning was able to number close a very gorgeous married woman which was my first set of the day.

Game 3.0 is for real! I am so amazed at what this program has done for me, I’m not sure if I can correctly articulate it into words. This is quite literally the most amazing opportunity on the face of the planet and I will be forever grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of it. I feel as though there is no way I could ever repay these guys for what they have done for me. Not that they would ever want me too.

I’ve had a great opportunity to get to know the Venture, Sterling and Vici on this journey and I have nothing but massive amounts of love and respect for all three of them. Game 3.0 Isn’t about making money or some kind of gimmick to promote some new product. It is about changing peoples lives and making a difference in this world.

Not only are the instructors some of the most intelligent and successful people on the face of the planet, they are also the kindest and most caring people I have ever met. The size of the hearts on these guy’s is something I really didn’t expect.

If you ever have the chance to be a part of the magical experience you must take it.

My life will never be the same! Love you guys!

A Dogg


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