Simplified Natural Bootcamps

Simplified Natural (formerly “Game 3.0”) is the roadmap to building yourself into a naturally and permanently attractive man. The Simplified Natural curriculum has become the Love Systems approach to “natural game” and is taught exclusively by creators Venture and Sterling. The Simplified Natural curriculum serves as the backbone for the critically acclaimed Project Rockstar program and accompanying Love Systems 10-day bootcamps. Simplified Natural is also taught in standard Love Systems 3-day Bootcamps led by Venture and Sterling.

Simplified Natural is fueled by the underlying thesis that in order to achieve lasting success with women, one needs to become truly attractive. The foundation for this attractiveness comes from being someone with strong masculinity who is living a life fueled by passion. Simplified Natural provides the tools to become this person.

Building into someone who is naturally attractive is the end goal, rather than what people traditionally associate with the media portrayal of so-called “Pick up Artists” (PUAs) – that being someone who is able to manipulate and push buttons with lines, routines, and gimmicks in attempts of getting a desired result. Instead of teaching lines, routines, and gimmicks, Simplified Natural focuses on developing the various conversational skills men need to build themselves into their best, most naturally attractive selves, in any social setting (i.e. clubs/bars, dates, social circle, etc.).  

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Seminar (2pm-7pm)
Female Psychology
Inner Game & Confidence Building
Body Language
Debrief of Previous Night
Comfort, Trust, and Intimacy
Physical Escalation
Setting up Dates (Phone & Text Game)
Debrief of Previous Night
One Night Stands
Image & Identity
Q & A
Workshop (10am-2pm)

Simplified Natural starts with the Love Systems Triad Model – the foundational building block for understanding dating and attraction, which holds that every romantic interaction with a woman follows a particular physical, logistical, and emotional progression. The curriculum advances the Triad to the next level by revisiting and redefining the interrelationships of its components. 

Advancements include the emphasis on the interrelated physical and emotional components of a flirtatious interaction, an increased focus on physicality and subcommunications, and a refreshed breakdown of emotional progression into its components: “Normal,” “Fun/Flirtatious,” “Warm,” and “Sexual” aspects.  With Simplified Natural, students are taught how to successfully navigate through an interaction with a woman in a naturally free-flowing, dynamic manner that is genuine. 

The overarching theme throughout Simplified Natural is “natural attractiveness” – that men can develop lasting attractiveness from within as opposed to merely mimicking traits of being attractive through an over-reliance on dating science’s “technical” aspects. The end result is a facilitation of change that lasts, and guidance down the path to becoming the best, most naturally attractive version of yourself that you can be.

Simplified Natural Reviews 

Sterling is one of the best teachers I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. Venture I learn a lot from watching him in set. Really strong sub-coms. I feel like they have taken all the best bits of game and synthesized it down into an easier more manageable and learn able formula. They have gotten rid of some of the old shit that didn’t work too well and kept only the gold plus added in new shit that works even better. Its all about behaving like a real man and this sparks way more attraction from women than any routine ever can. When you show up as a man the girl can behave like a women, Its fucking magic when this happens, I have only experienced it since learning game 3.0.

Since learning game 3.0 I feel like girls re actions have changed towards me fundamentally. Girls have been thanking me for behaving like a man. Not hiding my intentions, telling them what I want and not beating around the bush. Also for taking the lead and being decisive. I have learnt some things about women and how to create attraction that have totally rocked my world and I never knew were possible. I feel like it has opened up a whole new world to me and the possibilities are endless now.

Since learning game and especially game 3.0 it has helped me to overcome a lot of negative beliefs about women and what it means to be a man, also that it is normal and totally natural to be a sexual guy and there is nothing in the world wrong with it, even though many people will try to tell you there is! Cant recommend Game 3.0 enough, its man game not cheesy gimmicks and routines. Fix the cause of the problem not the effect because you cant get away with using routines all the time, Become a real man and you wont need to memorize 1000s of routines, plus you can be yourself and not be fake.

James T