Peter Sheriff was a Love Systems instructor for almost half a decade - he was the original founder of Love Systems Europe. He taught Love Systems in 8 countries on 4 continents and was renowned for having one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry.
Being in the industry for so long had its advantages – Sheriff was known for updating his seminar before every single workshop to take in the latest advances in dating science – the end result being the perfect combination of the tried-and-tested and the cutting-edge.
Having founded Love Systems Europe he took a little time off to start one of London’s hottest club promotions agencies – hosting some of the capital’s hottest parties and rubbing shoulders with celebrities. Not bad for a guy whose agoraphobia used to prevent him from leaving the house when he was 18...


An Instructor’s Instructor
Sheriff’s list of former apprentices reads like a “Who’s Who” of dating science – top instructors like Samurai, Braddock, and Soul got their start in Love Systems helping out on Sheriff’s programs.
Sheriff was instrumental in the training of new instructors – running the junior instructor training at the Super Conference and keeping the confidential Love Systems Instructor Manual up-to-date with articles on helping students reach their goals most effectively.
Having built an industry-leading team in London, Sheriff spent half the year building up the team in Australia – he was always on the lookout for former students with the potential to become tomorrow’s leaders, wherever they are in the world.