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Scumbadger's story is evidence that any guy, no matter where he started and how hopeless he feels, can make tremendous changes in his life to become not just effective with women, but grow into a fulfilled individual.

When he was young, Scumbadger was nerdy and incredibly overweight. This led to him being bullied relentlessly and told that he was ugly and worthless and that he would never get a girl. Sadly, he believed it, and he carried that burden around even after getting in shape, building a successful career, and having a reasonable number of girls in his social circles interested in him.

After years of this pain, settling for any girl interested in him, he found Love Systems in 2007 and took a bootcamp. Yet, for nearly six years of going out often, he had almost no results. One weekend wasn’t enough to undo decades of pain. Scumbadger’s transformation required the intense immersion of Project Rockstar in 2014.

He struggled mightily at the outset of the program. As part of Project Rockstar, he took Venture and Sterling’s epic 10-day bootcamp, during which he was going out to the hottest clubs in Vegas every night and approaching hundreds of girls under the constant tutelage of nearly a dozen of Love Systems' best instructors. Yet, nearly three weeks into Vegas, Scumbadger had not even a single kiss to show for his efforts, let alone anything more. This struggle was his own personal hell.

He kept working and pushing himself endlessly, and slowly lightbulbs started to go off. The penultimate moment for him came in Sweden when all of the other Rockstars gave him feedback everyone on the program loved him, except one person – Scumbadger himself. This led to him finally starting to accept himself and his results skyrocketed with multiple crazy stories beyond his wildest dreams – and led to his instructor name – Scum because a wild side of him was released in Sweden that often had adventures in public places less pristine than a bed and Badger because of his relentlessness and not giving a f**k attitude reminiscent of an animal known as a honeybadger.

Most importantly, after all the craziness in Sweden, he woke up, looked in the mirror, and thought, for the first time in his life, “I love the person looking back at me.” At that moment he vowed to help others overcome the same terrible pain he went through and now he is able to do so as a Love Sytems instructor.