Sapphire was doing well for himself. By age 19 companies were already paying him 6 figures and over the next 5 years he enjoyed exponential success in his career. Life wasn’t bad but Sapphire knew deep inside that he wanted things to be different especially when it came to his dating life. He casually came across the book The Game one day in a bookstore and after reading it in a day he found the Lovesystems community. Sapphire began taking bold action and let go of his 3 year rocky relationship in pursuit of what he really wanted.

He improved his skills with women over the course of the next 2 years through his devotion of going out consistently to better himself with the best mentors around him to achieve success. Because of that his skills got highly credited by Lovesystems Lead Instructors which led to his instructorship. Sapphire left no stone unturned when it came to game and now teaches students day game, night game, SNL’s and stripper and hired guns. As a result, he consistently dates the hottest models, exotic dancers and other attractive women that he previously thought were “out of his league”.

Sapphire has a passion teaching students how to conquer their negative beliefs and showing them what’s possible in field. He’s helped students from across the globe to attain the women of their dreams.