Sam badger

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Sam was rated the #3 instructor in Love Systems during the 2016 Superconference.  He is also one of the core instructors for Project Rockstar, Love Systems’ flagship program, a 10-week complete transformation for five men each year.  He completed the program in 2014 and became an instructor less than one year later.  He has seen all types of challenges men face in dating at a deep level, and has helped men overcome those issues, so he can help you with whatever you are facing.

Sam’s journey was an incredibly challenging one to reach this point.  His story is evidence that any guy, no matter where he started and how hopeless he feels, can make tremendous changes in his life to become not just effective with women, but grow into a more balanced, fulfilled individual.  

When he was young Sam was sheltered, nerdy and incredibly overweight.  This led to him being bullied relentlessly and humiliated constantly, often in public, He was told nobody liked him, that he was incredibly ugly and worthless and that he would never get a girl.  Sadly, he believed it, and he carried that burden around even after losing weight, getting in shape, building a successful career and having a reasonable number of girls in his social and work circles interested in him.  

After years of going through this pain and settling for any girl interested in him, he found Love Systems in 2007 and took a bootcamp after which he went out relatively often. Yet for nearly six years he had almost no results.  One weekend wasn’t enough to undo decades of pain.  Sam’s transformation required the intense immersion of Project Rockstar in 2014.   

He struggled mightily through the beginning of the program, but with dedication and tenacity he slowly made progress, and by the end of the program he couldn’t recognize himself.  He knew once he reached that point that he wanted to give back through instructing because if he could get through his challenges, he knew he could help so many guys get through their lesser challenges.