Ryan Francis


Growing up in Northern California Ryan was typically well liked and had many friends in his huge Asian social circle. All through high school many of his female friends thought he was a "great friend" whom they could confide in but they would never see him as someone they would date. Unknown to him at the time many of the beliefs and behaviors he developed from his cultural upbringing that made it easy for him to make friends were also preventing him from being someone women were attractive to.

At the age of 19 Ryan's luck finally changed and he got his first kiss from a girl who eventually became his girlfriend. They dated for 4 years until they eventually broke up. The period of the next 3 years, from ages 23 -25, was one of the most trying times of Ryan's life. Not only was he not able to meet a girl who was willing to date him but he also spiraled into a deep depression.

Ryan looked into the mirror one day and hated what he saw looking back at him. He saw an unattractive, fat, unsuccessful man whom no women desired to be with. He made a choice that day that he would do what was necessary to become the type of person he would be proud of.

At that point he decided that he needed to lose weight and so joined a gym. While online looking for fitness information Ryan stumbled across a forum where men discussed improving their success with women. The thought that he could become a person women were attracted to excited him and he decided he would put his focus on improving his success with women.

Armed with the knowledge from what he had read on the internet Ryan started going out to bars and night clubs in hopes that he could improve his "game." Approaching strangers was incredibly hard; he struggled with massive social anxiety from being deaf in one ear (making it difficult to hear) and insecurities about his weight and the partial paralysis of his face.

He continued going out regularly and his success with women, although slowly, kept improving. That year he dated more women than he'd ever had in the previous 25 years of life, but a new problem arose.

He realized that the only types of women he was dating were those who were the same race as him or similar to those in his Asian peer group. Analyzing himself Ryan found that the root of this problem was that deep down inside he had a strong belief that non-Asian women were not attracted to Asian men.

The idea that his dating life would have to be restricted to certain types of women really bothered him so he decided his new goal was to have the ability to attract and date all types of women regardless of ethnicity.

At age 28 Ryan moved to Los Angeles for a career opportunity. One day at a work conference in Las Vegas he met Bonsai who was a dating coach for Love Systems and also lived in Los Angeles. They became friends and kept in touch when they both went home to LA.

One day as luck would have it Bonsai needed an intern and Ryan applied. Through his internship with Love Systems Ryan was able to take a workshop with Braddock. The workshop was a life-changing experience that blew his mind and Ryan realized if he had taken a Love Systems workshop originally he could have cut a lot of time off his learning curve. He continued working on his game relentlessly after the workshop and saw massive improvements in his dating life.

A few months later he took a Day Game workshop with Jeremy Soul and afterwards he was officially asked to lend a hand at future workshops as an approach coach. Ryan helped out at Love Systems programs for over 2 years while simultaneously working on destroying the limiting beliefs he had regarding dating and being an Asian man.

Learning from some of the best dating coaches in the world at Love Systems, Ryan has been able to reach his goal of being able to attract and date women of any ethnicities that he was attracted to.

In 2012 Ryan got an offer to be part of the Love System team officially and is passionate about helping Asian men overcome the challenges they face concerning sex and dating.