Rob Dean - Love Systems Instructor

Rob Dean is the second Rob from New Jersey ever to join Love Systems. Besides fist pumping at the Jersey Shore, Rob was the kind of guy who used to be a big over thinker when it came to talking to and dating women. Which prevented him from really being his natural fun self. He wanted to get better when it came to women and no longer be the kind of guy who would settle for the girls that liked him more than he liked them. He wanted to go after the girls he wanted; fearlessly.

He started by reading a few of the love systems books and then attended his first bootcamp he exploded.

What he realized from Love Systems was that most of his over thinking was it all in his head. More importantly that he had direct control over his beliefs and his own ability to shift his lense through which he viewed talking to and dating beautiful women.

The biggest takeaway from his bootcamp was that Rob could be unapologetically him and he now owns his identity fully.

It is safe to say Rob is loving being himself and more importantly, loves talking to models on Instagram and the girls he wants to talk to and has a ton of fun doing so.

Rob has appreciation for the fact that not all guys are taught this kind of stuff growing up. He is committed to helping guys go through the similar breakthroughs he went through himself and more. Because every guy deserves to be with the girl he wants to be with and no longer just settle.

Rob is passionate about helping all students experience the breakthroughs they need to get to the level they need to get to.