Prestige paid his way through college working in bars and restaurants, the types of environments that get you used to talking to new people and being social. He enjoyed some success with women simply due to his working environment and the large social network that it provided.

Joining the military after 9/11 and the frequent moving that it entails took him away from his social network and therefore his success with women. Spending countless hours and copious amounts of money at bars and clubs to recreate that network every time he moved began to take a toll on his bank account while yielding few results.

Not wanting to give up Prestige began looking for a better way. After a friend turned him on to Love Systems, he was immediately swept into the world of pick up. Believing that it was an art and something that could be recreated gave him a newfound hope.

At his bootcamp Prestige impressed his instructors and the other students with his ability to absorb the information and demonstrate it effectively in the field. For the next several months he spent most of his free time studying the art of pick up and seduction. He was constantly applying, practicing, reevaluating, and reapplying his techniques with great diligence, seeking advice from the best in the business until he finally developed his own style.

Now with more women than he has time for and being sick of watching others spin their wheels as he had, Prestige hones his skills by helping to teach others how to find happiness. His specialty lies in getting a woman anywhere, from the hot bartender or club dancer to the woman in the coffee shop or the girl next door. With the quick-witted persuasive charisma of Vince Vaughn and his vast knowledge of social dynamics, Prestige will help you to develop the confidence and skill set needed to attract and seduce the type of woman you feel you deserve.