Nick Savoy

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Nick Savoy is President and Program Leader of Love Systems. He has personally recruited and trained many of the world's top dating coaches today and is the author of the Magic Bullets Handbook, the "bible" of dating and seduction for men. He is responsible for developing many dating and pick up concepts that have become accepted wisdom today, ranging from the Triad Model to how to get a threesome and much in between.

After several years of leading Love Systems bootcamps, Savoy today focuses primarily on instructor training and quality. He also leads the special PUA SuperConference and the Love Systems Playboy Mansion programs. He offers one-on-one training and telephone consultations with advanced clients only. This is by invitation and appointment – please email us if you feel your situation requires this training.

In addition to Love Systems, Nick Savoy also writes a personal blog, The Real Savoy and is a frequent poster on the PUA Forums.