Nick Hoss


Nick's story is something different.

All through freshman year Nick watched his friends date the girls who seemed out of his reach.  He knew he could be as good as them... He just didn't know how.

That's when he found Love Systems.

After taking a workshop, Nick dated more girls in a few months than he did in his entire life, and he didn't stop.

After three years of learning and apprenticing, Nick began assisting Jeremy Soul on Day Game workshops. After becoming a junior instructor, he learned the craft so well that he was promoted to a lead Day Game instructor in under a year.  This was the fastest in company history.

Today, Nick holds the title of being voted the Top Instructor at the 2011 PUA SuperConference. He is also one of the few experts in Day Game and Night Game, teaching the most 1-on-1 clients.

He's also added new innovations to Day Game workshops, keeping Love Systems easy to learn and simple to use.  Nick believes that with enough practice, anybody can become proficient at dating.