Mr. M


Mr. M has been widely recognized as a pioneer in the field of dating science and social dynamics. He features as one of the main characters in the unofficial sequel to "The Game" - "Myths and Masters of the Game." He has pioneered such breakthroughs as DATE! The Complete Home Study Course, the Social Circle Mastery Home Study Course, the Inner Game Seminar, the Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game, and the Beyond Words: The Art of Body Language and Physical Escalation DVD. He is also the founder and lead instructor of the international dating industry's premier lifestyle and pick up program: Project Rockstar.

In the beginning, Mr. M was hopeless with women. He had his first kiss at 20 years old. After deciding to do something about this, Mr. M made a dramatic life change and embarked upon a voyage of learning from the greatest dating gurus worldwide. For over four years Mr. M learned inner game, outer game, social dynamics and attraction.

Mr. M exemplifies the achievable progression from having zero success to abundance.

Training Method

Mr. M inspires students not only to learn techniques, but also to discover their innate social intelligence and humor.

Through implementing the INNER GAME mind-sets and paradigm shifts necessary to succeed with women and combining them with his own unique and powerful techniques, Mr. M imbues his students with life changing confidence, skill and ability.

With over two years of teaching experience and some of the most outstanding teaching reviews in the dating industry (see reviews below), Mr. M is one of the most experienced and successful dating coaches in the industry. Students consistently report amazing success after learning from him (see reviews below).