Money Back Guarantee

You understand and agree to the following money back guarantee policy:

  1. For physical products (for example, but without limitation, CDs, DVDs, physical books), any refunds must be requested within 30 days of delivery of the product(s) and returned product(s) must arrive at the Love Systems corporate offices within 45 days of the original delivery to you of the original product(s). Refund requests must be submitted to or and all instructions for product return must be followed by you, or the money back guarantee is voided and you shall not be entitled to any refund, regardless of whether or not you returned the product(s).
  2. For electronic products (for example, but without limitation, ebooks, MP3s), any refunds must be requested with 30 days of the product’s purchase. Refund requests must be submitted to or After 30 days, your automatic right to a refund will expire. In the case of multiple electronic products, only the first purchased shall be refunded. For example and without limitation, you cannot buy the entire Love Systems catalogue and then obtain a refund on it.
  3. For live programs (for example, but without limitation, seminars, workshops, bootcamps, individualized training, personal shopping) refund requests must be made in person on the final day of the program. Your money back guarantee will be voided if you did not attend every scheduled program activity in its entirety, if you did not participate in all program exercises, or if you did not earlier communicate to a Love Systems representative the circumstances of your dissatisfaction and provide an opportunity to cure.
  4. In the case of valid refund requests, Love Systems Corporation will provide a full reimbursement of amounts paid, less shipping costs (if applicable).