Micha is a self-employed online marketer living his dream. He is able to travel the world and work wherever his adventures lead him, meeting wonderful people along the way. Life has never been so easy for him, but it shows that absolutely anything is possible. If there is a will, there is a way.

Micha comes from a small town in southern Sweden, from a blue-collar family and working-class social circles. Most of his family and friends never went to college and they’re unapologetic for it. It was just their way of life. For most of his life, Micha was destined to follow suit.

Growing up, Micha had a fair amount of success with women in high school, but always under the specter of drugs and alcohol. He made sure he was on the party train and had a big social circle that kept bringing in new girls. Living the sex, drugs and rock-and-roll lifestyle had its price. Everything came to an abrupt end when he decided that there was much more to life than this and recognized that he had an alcohol and drug problem. Seeking treatment for his addictions started a journey of self awareness and development enabling him to grow and to be more in touch with his inner self and his journey as a man.

Taking control of his life, Micha soon realized that his previous life wasn’t for him. He decided to move to Norway where he met a girl who changed everything. She was "the one." It was only after admitting this to himself and letting his guard down that Micha faced his next hurdle when she wanted something else and left him. He was heartbroken.

After a long period without company, and without the comfort of drugs and alcohol, Micha realized he just did not know how to approach and attract women without the self-destructive crutches. That’s when Samurai did his first Oslo bootcamp and Micha took the plunge. He signed up for a truly life-changing weekend. Looking back, Micha remembers the hard work he put in right after the bootcamp. Had he failed, he had a 45 minute walk home from central Oslo, in below-zero temperatures, to look forward to. Throughout his journey there were to be many freezing walks home, but Micha stuck with it and in the end it was worth it. Hard work pays off.

Micha became Country Captain for Norway, working on media promotions as the local Love Systems representative. It was his way of bringing value. In turn, he was invited to start helping out at bootcamps as an approach coach and made a good enough impression to get selected as the last participant of Project Rockstar 2009.

Project Rockstar 2009 completely transformed Micha's approach to life and saw him working six days a week. During those weeks he constantly explored new socializing methods and surrounded himself with the "best in the business."  (Read about his adventure on The Attraction Forums.)

Micha is a strong believer in making the impossible possible. He is the master of his own destiny. The opportunities that have arisen since Micha signed up for his bootcamp are diverse, and it is just the beginning of the adventure that lies ahead. Being there to support others and guiding them along paths similar to those he took was an obvious choice for Micha. Of all the companies in the industry, Micha chose Love Systems because, as he puts it, “that’s where you’ll find the best in the business of dating science.”