Mastermind Mentorship

Introducing Mastermind, the first-ever long-term mentorship program for improving your success with women.

Mastermind is designed to give you personalized dating advice, whenever you need it, until you've achieved all your dreams in your life with women. This is a personalized program where we stay with you until you are happy with where you are in your dating life. And even better, the program sharpens your skills with women while you're living your regular life.

This program is the ultimate training for men in today's world to meet, attract, and date gorgeous women. 

When you enroll in Mastermind, you'll get some of the top secrets of dating amazing women that most men will never know. You'll get "missions" that are designed to help you conquer your sticking points. You'll get email and "text support" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your personal dating coach! You'll be invited to attend regular attraction webinars from a world-class dating instructor.

On top of all that, you'll regularly go out with a mastermind dating coach and a group of wingmen to practice your dating skills and instant feedback on how you did.

Mastermind is currently available in Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York City, San Francisco and Vancouver.

Before you read on, there are 2 important facts you need to know about getting good with women.

Our dating coaches meet with you regularly, and we keep track of your progress. We'll help you find and fix everything from obvious mistakes to the small details when you attract women.

So what will you do as a Mastermind student to unleash your "Inner Casanova?"

  • Join small interactive sessions where an expert dating instructor explains concepts on meeting, attracting and getting women and answers your questions.
  • Complete exercises to do on your own to make sure you can use the concepts.
  • Get personalized feedback from your personal dating coach so you can find and fix mistakes that you yourself are blind to.
  • Work with other students who are like-minded, supportive, and are working on the same goals at the same time. These guys also make the best wingmen and once you've worked with one, it's hard to go back.
  • Set personal goals with your mentor and go back to make sure you're doing everything you can do to achieve them.
  • Get expert advice any time something comes up so you don't miss a chance to get the girl (i.e. email / SMS text support).

    How Mastermind Works

    • Pick your own personal dating coach - a world expert in dating science who will help you with your specific goals with women and sticking points then help you overcome each one methodically (we recommend you pick one close to you).
    • You'll be able to join monthly dating science webinars, where you'll learn / review foundational concepts of dating and attraction (e.g. inner game, how to approach women, how to build attraction, dating multiple women).
    • You'll immediately receive a monthly audio interview, right after you sign up, where several dating instructors share their secrets on a specific dating topic that's relevant in today's dating world (e.g., phone and text, online dating, fashion, etc.).
    • You'll have phone consultations 2 times per month with your personal dating coach where you discuss specific problems in-depth or talk about progress and your goals moving forward.
    • You'll be able to send email/SMS text messages 24 hours a day to your personal dating coach. He will respond within 24 hours so that you'll get expert help on your dating problems as they are happening.
    • You'll be eligible for one to two epic nights out with your dating coach (Wolf Pack or Wingman) in your local city.

    Mastermind Packages

    • Wolf Pack: You will receive all of the above, including two nights in-field with your dating coach in your local city.
    • Wingman: You will receive all of the above, including one in-field night in your local city with your dating coach.
    • Lifeline: You will receive all of the above without an in-field night.