Mark Kaiser

Attending an all boys school since kindergarten, Mark didn’t meet girls until university, and you can just imagine how that went. Moving to a small town for grad school, he finally had some success by getting drunk and dancing with girls at one particular bar. But changing cities yet again, the social circle bubble popped, no girl bought the “bump and grind” strategy, and he realized how abysmal he truly was with women.

Mark didn’t understand all the rejections. He was nice, funny, and smart. Isn’t that what every girl wants? Yet his mind was full of negative beliefs - you can’t meet girls outside of being drunk at a bar, and that you should put women on a pedestal. Every rejection was cumulatively painful, and he considered quitting pursuing girls entirely. After not hearing back from an overweight girl he met online (seriously?), he took action and called Jeremy at Love Systems.

5 minutes into a bootcamp led by Tenmagnet, Cajun, and Keychain in 2010, he knew his life would never be the same. Mark instantly improved and quit drinking. Progress was on and off, as he balanced game with school, but he never lost sight of his dream to have more choice with women. He ultimately took a Nick Hoss day game workshop and did a one-on-one with Nick. After a stretch of going out non-stop in 2014, Mark really put things together and has never been happier. He accomplished what he could only dream of before; his love life was handled, and he was dating multiple women simultaneously. More importantly, his inner game was all cleaned up.

Mark feels the coolest part about getting your dating life under control is how it positively affects every other aspect of your life. You’re better at work, family, hobbies, and so on. Now he wants to give back and help others transform their lives. He has a particular strength and passion for subcommunications and inner game.