Relationships were few and far between for kids like Marcelo who grow up in small towns and attend technical schools. Despite strong ambitions of success, a persistent nagging frustration grew inside the teenager at the absence of romantic relationships. Circumstances improved during his early 20s when he took the initiative to befriend "naturals" and start grasping the patterns of the more attractive man. However, these new-found results were fragile and the girls he was attracting were not the women he dreamed of. He found himself trapped in the beliefs that looks, money and status matter the most when attracting beautiful women, beliefs that led him to focus on the wrong goals. Years went by and his dating life was still nowhere near where he wanted it to be.

Marcelo was in his late 20s when a friend randomly showed him a copy of a book titled Magic Bullets. Despite initial skepticism at the subject of dating science, he realised after only a few pages that his life was about to change. What he looked for during his teen years and most of his 20s was laid bare in front of his eyes, well-structured and ready to use! It was a revolution! Hungry for knowledge, he deep-dived, consuming most of the Love Systems material and Forum posts and after a year he saw improvements in his confidence just by 'knowing what to do'. Still, lack of practise was holding him back so he decided finally to take the next big step and signed up for a LS Bootcamp. Over those 3 days and with help from coaches like Future and Starlight, he developed his winning approach and brought his Game to the next level.

The end of the bootcamp brought with it a positive flow of motivation and the beginning of a period of intense practise. Not only did he achieve his goal of effortlessly interacting with 9s and 10s (with the self-worth to back it up!), other areas of his life improved dramatically too, inspiring him to pay-it-forward and give back to others. He started by challenging his friends, taking them through a path of self-improvement, and building a community, leading a local group of men eager to be successful and attract beautiful women. One year after this Bootcamp, he seized an opportunity to assist a workshop in one of Tenmagnet's programs, receiving very positive reviews from the students, and now continues his involvement with Love Systems, helping other men changing their lives as he did.

His strengths are self-improvement & inner game, night game & social circle.