I was the guy that followed societies plan for life. Went to college and started my own business to live the American dream being self employed and independent. Found the girl I wanted to marry and start a family with. At the age of 24, was married and by 25 had a kid and was on the hunt for our white picket fence to live happily ever after. Life as it seems, had a different plan for me and things took a turn for the worst. My wife was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer and passed away at the age of 22. I was left with over a million dollar debt in medical bills and was forced into bankruptcy losing everything I had created for myself. Devastated by life's events, I lost all self esteem and self worth.

Back on the market of eligible bachelors, I tried dating once again for a few years and by the age of 31, dating just didn't seem to work for me. Girls were intimidated by my history and I picked up many bad habits being married. It felt like I was “undateable”. I was eventually introduced to the community by some fellow coworkers, more as a joke, because they knew the hard time I was having with girls and relationships.

I put into practice what I was able to learn from magic bullets and began finding small success in the dating scene once again. I worked intensely to get connected with LS, took my first bootcamp with Nick Hoss and was eventually taken under the wing of an up and coming LS junior coach Darwin, who coached and trained me from the shy guy who couldn't approach to the guy able to get cold approach one night stands.

Working with many LS instructors over the past year and during my journey to learn this lifestyle, I have been exposed to many guys with low self esteem and similar situations. Grateful for the education, experience and journey I have been given, I have committed myself to helping others overcome their fears and take back their life, just as I have done for myself.