Jason L (Lemonjacket)

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Jason L (aka Lemonjacket) was your classic 'nice guy'. He got along with most people and rarely pushed anyone's buttons. He was genuinely thought of as a good person with no major character flaws. While Lemonjacket was good at making friends, he found it nearly impossible to get women interested in him. Part of his issue was how busy his career became while he was still in school. He rarely found time to meet the type of girls he liked. And in the instances when he did meet them, he was dumbfounded. He didn't know what to say or do. So, success with the opposite sex was marginal for him. So much that, he didn't kiss a girl until he was 22.

Lemonjacket got his first girlfriend, a year after his first kiss. He met her while she was a graduate in college; he was the professor and she was his student. His first real relationship and he was already a part of a hidden scandal within the university. Lemonjacket was crazy about her, but she wasn't so crazy about him. She originally confessed a small crush on her, then, professor which he later blew out of proportion. Lemonjacket obsessed over her and always wanted to be around her - to the point of smothering her.

For being a late bloomer, Lemonjacket was still a virgin when they began dating. He was eager to lose his v-card, so he did his best to convince her why she would be a great choice for him to lose it with. His neediness pushed her so far away, she practically ran. Needless to say, their relationship didn't last. Lemonjacket was distraught and couldn't understand why he wasn't good enough for her. He later found out that she ran back into the arms of a jerk she regularly complained about. Following the news, Lemonjacket googled "Why do girls date assholes?" His search brought up what would later change his life with women; he discovered Love Systems. Less than a week later, Lemonjacket signed up for his first bootcamp and never looked back.

Lemonjacket is a testament to perseverance. He practiced for a handful of years, following his bootcamp, with marginal success. Yet, sure enough, he stuck to the process and he too figured it out. Eventually, he sharpened his skills and developed his own style. But, because Lemonjacket was so slow to learn game, he now has a plethora of knowledge on the subject and can get guys past the ups and downs of practicing that he went through while learning.