LBD is 5'3 and from Alaska, one of the hardest places in the U.S. to meet women.

Never one to let obstacles hold him back, LBD joined the U.S. Army and served with a number of elite units, including the Special Forces. He spent over four and a half years as the senior member and team medic of an elite helicopter sniper team. He has been awarded multiple commendations for heroism in combat, including being honored with the first Polish war valor medal given to a non-Polish citizen since World War Two.

Adopting the same head-on attitude to improving his social life, LBD attended his first dating science seminar in 2002. Subsequently, he attended seminars all over the country, initially as a student, and later as an instructor. An experienced instructor and leader, he has the ability to take his comprehension of Love Systems and social dynamics and make them easy for the student to understand. Living and working his adult life in such an alpha male environment, he has a very different view from what most consider a 'real man.' His view does not include getting manicures, pedicures, or seeing who has the biggest muscles.

One of LBD's firmest beliefs is that success with women goes hand in hand with success in life. He is well-rounded, equally comfortable being outdoors as he is in a nightclub. He has competed in the eco-challenge, traveled all over the world, trained in the martial arts, and can speak intelligently on a wide range of subjects. He believes that the more one experiences in life, the easier it is to relate to others. He has dated all types of women from exotic dancers to Ivy League graduates to Olympic athletes.

LBD's years of training and teaching qualify him among Love Systems' most experienced instructors and make him an expert on every aspect of our techniques. In addition, LBD has been in a happy and loving long-term relationship for six years and has the superb ability to apply his knowledge of dating science to help men build successful long-term relationships. Being a bit older himself, he is particularly successful in helping men who are beyond the young hipster crowd learn how to attract younger women. His background also makes him an especially sought-after instructor for shorter men and members of the military and law enforcement.