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Labyrinth shows you how to stand out, attract and date the hottest girls in the venue. Forget 7's and 8's, and start dating True10s

In 2004 Labyrinth moved to London from South Eastern Europe, which is known for their beautiful hard-to-get women. Whilst struggling to fit in the London lifestyle, he wanted to pursue every opportunity to build a successful social-circle and master the science of dating and relationships.

Furthermore, having succeeded in his self-development he wanted to take it further and help others with the skills he learnt. "Seeing guys fight in night clubs over women, couples breaking up out of silly arguments and the 40 year old virgins who see the world as unfair, encouraged me to master the art of courtship and the way of teaching it" - Says Labyrinth

After several years of backward engineering his interactions during nights out, he discovered that one of the biggest obstacles in human interactions and dating is the 'Halo Effect' - in other words; the delivery/presentation of your personal qualities to the world. So the journey began, and he decided to address all the attributes of his personality and reshape them so that he could be the best version of himself in any social interaction.

After 6 years in action on rigorously improving his social and emotional intelligence, finally he was headhunted by Love Systems in London where he took up Love Systems theories and applied to his model of teaching it.

Soon after reconciling with Love Systems, we started hearing stories about Labyrinth seducing a celebrity from the 'Dirty Dancing' show. The ball of his success kept rolling on, and he became known for having dated some of top British aristocratic women whom he enjoyed several long-term relationships with.

Today Labyrinth is able to share his wealth of knowledge from a practical sense, so anyone can learn from him and apply it straight away.

There is only Fear and Love, and one of them is way more fun! - Labyrinth

Outside Love Systems Labyrinth holds a first class university degree in computing and has won an award for business entrepreneurship by the BC's Dragons Den. He is also an ex-professional Basketball player and an Enterprise Architect for a financial firm in the City of London.

So, are you going to settle for the girls that are not worth you, or are you going to go for the girl(s) that you really want?

Recent Client Reviews for Labyrinth:

I'm unsure how to word a review on Labyrinth but I'm going to try. This man has a level of confidence that is maybe the highest ever achieved by any man. I took a Dance Floor Game class from him at Super Conference 2015 and got to witness his work live at in-filed. I can't give specifics due to Non Disclosure agreements but I think it's safe to tell you MIND BLOWN is an understatement. My personal level of confidence has risen to new heights and I have questioned everything I once believe about what is and what is not possible. Want to open doors to a new level of living? Take a class from Laby!
- Robert

Dominant Dominant and Dominant, oh and did I mention Dominant. I saw things that had my chin on the ground. Labyrinth is probably one of the most dominant alpha guys I know, he had girls giving him the googly eyes, while they were with their boyfriend. I saw girls blow him out one second and then the next literally laughing with their eyes lit up like Brad Pit just walked in the room. I learned the essence of being dominance in a masculine way, not aggressive in an insecure way. This weekend I had one of the best make outs I have ever had when I implemented what Labyrinth showed me and after talking to this girl for maybe a minute I just dominantly pulled her in and made out with her and she loved it as did I.
- JR

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