Los Angeles-based Kisser spent most of his life growing up in front of computers. By day, he is a Mac consultant and Mac programmer. By night, he led the life of abundance with women that he has always dreamed of: attracting, meeting, and dating more beautiful women than he ever thought possible.

But it wasn't always this way.

As a result of all of his time in front of computers, Kisser grew up shy and never knew how to develop his skills with women. By the time he was 26 years old, he had only dated one woman. As Kisser grew older, he became much more outgoing but still didn't know what to say or how to act around women. Inevitably, he would end up in the dreaded "friends zone," resigning himself to a life of watching other guys date all the women that he was interested in.

Kisser wondered what he needed to do differently to attract the women that he desired. At first, he thought he needed more money or needed to be better looking or needed to drive a sportier car. Finally, he attended a Love Systems bootcamp with Sheriff and Mr. M, and he was blown away by the miraculous changes that occurred in his life. On his very first night in the field, Kisser did something that he didn't even realize was possible - he made out with a woman in a bar whom he had just met 20 minutes earlier. By the end of the weekend, Kisser had made out with 4 women in bars, and had gotten all of their phone numbers. Within a month, he had sex with 3 beautiful women after knowing each of them for less than 24 hours. Within a few months, he had sex with his first porn star. And now, Kisser regularly dates the women that he once thought were impossibly out-of-reach: women who are beautiful, smart, playful, and sexual.

Kisser believes that pickup is a skill that any student can learn, and he was thrilled to be able to share his knowledge and experience with Love Systems students around the world. Kisser's students responded extremely well to his energetic and passionate teaching style, his affable sense of humor, and his patience. Besides teaching men how to successfully pickup women in bars and clubs, Kisser's primary specialties were day game pickup, dates, and sexual escalation.